First Look At Oscar Host James Franco In ‘Rise Of The Apes’

A lot of attention has been paid to James Franco’s extracurricular activities lately — he’s a student, he’s a teacher, he’s a Twitter maestro and more — but let’s not forget that the man is also an actor.

Currently knee-deep in preparations for this coming weekend’s 83rd Annual Academy Awards ceremony, Franco enters the Oscars not just as a host, but as a Best Actor nominee for his turn in “127 Hours.” But even as an Oscar-nominated actor, Franco is the kind of guy who makes his own unique career choices — see “General Hospital” for more on that — and his latest acting gig, “Rise of the Apes,” looks no different.

Check out a first look at Franco in “Rise of the Apes” past the jump!

The image gives us our first glimpse yet at Franco as Will Rodman, a San Francisco scientist who makes a breakthrough during his research into ape intelligence. He grows a bond with his test subject Caesar (Andy Serkis), but things take a sharp turn for the terrible when the increasingly intelligent simian begins an uprising against all of mankind.

As a prequel to “Planet of the Apes,” this was always a bit of a weird project for Franco — until we realized that, hey, this is James Franco, king of all things wonderfully weird. Viewed through that lens, this is a perfect assignment for the top-notch talent, even if it’s not likely an award-winning one. Looking forward to seeing more!

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