Exclusive 'Limitless' Photos Showcase Bradley Cooper And T.V. Carpio's Love Connection

Last week we brought you two exclusive images from "Limitless," Bradley Cooper's upcoming thriller about a black-market pharmaceutical that allows users to access the full potential of their brain power. In Cooper's case, that means ditching his life as a schlubby, struggling novelist, getting all spiffed-up with a new 'do and rack of designer suits, and diving into the world of high-profile corporate mergers.

One of the photos highlighted Cooper's romantic liaison with Abbie Cornish. Today, we bring you two new photos that showcase another of Cooper's amorous entanglements — this time with T.V. Carpio, who plays the wife of his landlord (and also stars in "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" on Broadway). The duo start off as foes, but as Cooper's drug-enhanced mind-tricks kick in, their interaction takes a, um, zexy turn.

"What can I say? I kind of love my job," Caprio laughed during a chat with MTV News.

"He's very open and very giving as an actor," she added of Cooper. "I've definitely worked with some that check out and just say lines, but he's definitely in the moment every time. It's such a good energy to work with — a person who's open and in the moment. It's awesome. It's a gift for an actor. And I think the audience can tell that — they don't know what to expect."

Co-starring Robert De Niro and directed by Neil Burger, "Limitless" hits theaters on March 18.

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