First 'Battle: Los Angeles' Clip Puts Aaron Eckhart In Alien Crosshairs

Alien invasions are never fun. Fun to watch, sure, but not fun to experience—which is why our hearts go out to the characters of "Battle: Los Angeles," who appear to be struggling through one of the fiercest alien invasions ever captured on film.

The previous trailers for "Battle: LA" gave us a very good sense of what we're in store for when the sci-fi action flick arrives in theaters next month, but it's the first full clip that really hammers home the ground-level intensity this film has to offer.

In the clip — called "Boxed In" — leading man Aaron Eckhart and his platoon of soldiers make their way through a hazy city street, rifles at the ready, adrenaline pumping and eyes wide open. The men believe they're on the cusp of encountering the invading extraterrestrial forces, so imagine their relief when they learn that all of the commotion is just a friendly neighborhood dog — or, at least, that's what they think.

"Boxed In" perfectly illustrates the atmospheric, gritty and hopeless nature of war, but with the added bonus of, you know, aliens. Aliens on our home turf, no less. It's a terrifying prospect to consider, and the clip does an excellent job at ratcheting up the tension and decisively demonstrating that mankind is at a disadvantage in this unimaginably horrific battle.

My one gripe: not enough blood. Not that I'm looking for buckets and buckets full of the stuff, but this is war, and war ain't pretty. I'm hoping that the actual film itself is a bit more ruthless in that regard, but other than that one minor complaint, "Battle: Los Angeles" is looking very, very good.

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