Daniel Radcliffe Faces Danger In New 'The Woman In Black' Photo

Daniel Radcliffe's days with the "Harry Potter" franchise are almost at an end (okay, who are we kidding? They'll never really be at an end!), but his dealings with the supernatural are far from over.

The erstwhile boy who lived is next set to star in "The Woman in Black," an adaptation of the Susan Hill novel from director James Watkins and screenwriter Jane Goldman. The thriller sees Radcliffe going toe-to-toe with a haunting presence that wouldn't be out of place within the "Harry Potter" universe, but make no mistake—this is a horse of a different color.

We've already seen photos of Radcliffe on the set of "The Woman in Black," and now we've got another glimpse at the actor's latest role courtesy of the film's official Facebook page.

No information is provided about the above photo, but really, is any information required? Between his stubble-covered face, his unkempt hair, his tired eyes and the rusty hatchet in his hand, it's pretty safe to say that Radcliffe's character has seen brighter days.

For some extra context, here's what you need to know about the film's plot: Radcliffe stars as Arthur Kipps, a young man sent to a remote village to finalize a deceased client's leftover dealings. Over the course of his investigation, Arthur discovers terrible secrets and suffers haunting visits from the titular woman in black, a ghostly figure that the town's inhabitants refuse to discuss.

It's a menacing premise to say the least, and based on the latest photo of Radcliffe, we think our beloved "Harry Potter" star is more than rising to the occasion.

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