Matt Damon And Emily Blunt Tackle Hard Questions In MTV’s ‘The Yes/No Show’

Interviews are tricky. Getting your subject to open up about their passion projects, films they have in development or other burning topics is not always an easy task. Wording is essential in getting an effective question across, and for our money, there’s no better way to get an answer than to ask for a simple yes or no response.

That’s how MTV’s Josh Horowitz framed his questions to “The Adjustment Bureau” stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in the latest edition of “After Hours.” By asking yes-or-no questions, we learned some stunning truths about Damon’s attraction to Sarah Palin, Blunt’s experience eating pound cake and what both of them would endure if the world’s continued survival rested squarely on their shoulders. (Spoiler: it involves sleeping with our esteemed “After Hours” host.)

The answers are at once provocative, profound and peculiar. Check ’em out in the video above.