EXCLUSIVE: 'The Last Unicorn' DVD Clip Highlights Jeff Bridges' Request To Join The Cast

Thirty years have passed since "The Last Unicorn" hit theaters, and the animated adaptation of the Peter S. Beagle novel remains a revered classic to this day. Fans can mark the occasion with the 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray release of "The Last Unicorn," hitting theaters this coming Tuesday.

But before that, we've got something that fans are going to enjoy: an exclusive clip from the upcoming release! In the video, "Last Unicorn" enthusiasts are taken on a behind-the-scenes tour that reveals exactly how Jeff Bridges came to be cast as the heroic Prince Lír.

"I got a call one day from Jeff Bridges, and he said, 'I understand you're doing 'The Last Unicorn,' and my friend Rene Auberjonois is in it. He's playing the Skull, and I want to be in it. Do you have anything for me?'" director Jules Bass reveals in the clip. "I said, well, there's Prince Lír. We haven't cast him yet.' He said, 'I'll do it either for nothing or scale or whatever you're paying Rene.' And I said, 'You're hired!'"

The clip also highlights the demonic Red Bull, with writer Peter S. Beagle remarking that he was surprised that the creature has amassed such a following.

"It interests me that the Red Bull has fans," he said. "I think of the Bull now as the pure power of naked fear and pure terror, and I'm not thinking so much of what people call now terrorists, but of the things that people will do when they're terrified. Twenty-eight years later, having seen it and commenting on it one more time, I found myself saying, 'My god, it's a classic.'"

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