'I Am Number Four' Writer Marti Nixon Talks 'Buffy' And 'Fright Night' Reboots

It's funny that we mused on the idea of vampires versus aliens earlier today, because "I Am Number Four" co-writer Marti Noxon is familiar with both.

In addition to contributing to the story of the Alex Pettyfer-starring sci-fi flick, Noxon was a regular presence on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," the Joss Whedon-headed television series that kicked fang and staked names for several seasons, and continues to do so as a Dark Horse comic book series.

Even though Noxon's days on the "Buffy" front are over, the franchise itself is far from finished. A Whedon-less reboot is on the way from writer Whit Anderson, and from Noxon's perspective, it's hard to imagine anyone standing in the revered vampire slayer's shadow without Whedon's direct involvement.

“It’s hard to imagine anybody but Joss bringing that to the screen," Noxon told MTV News at the Los Angeles premiere of "I Am Number Four," which is out in theaters today. "I wouldn’t want to be the person trying to write it. And I worked on the show, but I would not want to be that [person] because the fans are very loyal. They’re excruciatingly loyal, unless they hate you, in which case they’re excruciating about that too.”

But even without "Buffy" on her plate, Noxon's still dabbling in the vampire and reboot arenas with the forthcoming "Fright Night" remake—or, as Noxon describes it, revamp.

"It's 20 years later, so there were certain things about the movie that we just completely reimagined," she explained of her work on the "Fright Night" remake. "It's a different setting and the Peter Vincent character is a totally different kind of guy. The plot is quite different, but there's a lot of the same basic set up."

On that last point, Noxon explained how important it was to create a wholly original story while still honoring the original "Fright Night."

"We identified scenes that were iconic from the original movie and tried to make sure that we hit those beats," she said. "There was some puzzle-doing, fitting a new story into that framework. But I had such a good time on that movie, I really did. It's been amazing from start to finish, so we'll see what happens."

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