'I Am Number Four' Has Us Wondering: Are Aliens The New Vampires?

With numerous vampire-centric franchises currently existing in the film and television worlds—yes, we're looking at you "Twilight," "True Blood" and "The Vampire Diaries"—there's an understandable amount of in-fighting between fans of these different properties, every one of them arguing in favor of their brand of choice.

But with so much time spent on the struggle within the vampire community, perhaps fans are overlooking a greater threat—a threat that comes from outer space.

We're talking, of course, about aliens. They're not bug-eyed and green-skinned, but the aliens you'll see in "I Am Number Four," arriving in theaters today, are no less dangerous—and they're certainly no less sexy than some of your favorite bloodsucking vamps. Indeed, the arrival of "I Am Number Four" already had our friends at Hollywood Crush asking if Alex Pettyfer is the new Robert Pattinson, and now we're curious... could aliens become pop culture's new vampires?

"I didn't notice aliens kind of going in and out of fashion," actor Timothy Olyphant told MTV News when we put the question to him. According to the "Number Four" actor, who plays Alex Pettyfer's extraterrestrial guardian, aliens have remained a consistent cinematic presence, while "vampires kind of come and go… aliens, in general, it's a broader palette, so they've been around."

Director D.J. Caruso took Olyphant's observations a step further: "Aliens have always been around," he noted, adding, "Vampires, they're wearing out."

"I'd take aliens over vampires any day," he continued. "Aliens are much more intriguing."

That's two votes for aliens, but I'm sure that's not the end of the discussion. In fact, let's open it up further: do you think aliens could become the new vampires? Which one has more staying power in pop culture? Cast your vote in the comments section and on Twitter!