Did Emma Roberts Reveal A 'Big Time' 'Scream 4' Scoop?

In the latest "Scream 4" trailer, Emma Roberts survives a very close call with Ghostface, ducking just in time as he comes a-slashin' at her and escaping with only a cut on her arm. At the Sundance Film Festival last month, the 20-year-old actress pulled off an escape move that was, in a way, no less perilous.

(Before going any further, know that you're about to set foot on potential spoiler territory. The following is based on our own hunch, but if you're looking to keep the entirety of your "Scream 4" experience purely unspoiled, now is a good time to turn away.)

That's because Roberts nearly gave away the fate of her "Scream 4" character, and if you read between the lines, it's not hard to arrive at a certain conclusion about what happens to her in the upcoming horror flick (needless to say, a potentially massive spoiler exists below).

So! Roberts was in the midst of discussing her reaction to watching the newest trailer — "I was terrified. I was there when we shot it and I'm still scared," she said — when our own Josh Horowitz reminded her, "It's not real. It didn't actually happen. You're OK."

"Really?" she replied. "I thought I…I thought I…nothing! I'm like, 'I thought I.' "

Did she almost let slip that she dies in the new movie, which doesn't hit theaters until April? Did we almost snag a spoiler there?

"You actually almost just did — big time!" Roberts said.

Listen, hit play on the video and see for yourself. Did the "Scream" actress in fact drop a major spoiler? Are we imagining things? And if so, what would possess Roberts to say of her Dimension Films boss, "Bob Weinstein is here. I would have been in a lot of trouble"?

Do you think Roberts almost spilled the beans on her "Scream 4" fate, or is the secret still safe? You tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!