'Wonder Woman' Star Adrianne Palicki Continues 'Friday Night Lights' Cast's Streak Of Success

Adrianne PalickiThe search is over, folks: Adrianne Palicki is our new Wonder Woman.

After a topsy-turvy development period—one that still isn't over, mind you—the DC Comics television revival has found its leading lady in the form of Palicki. There's no doubt that her casting is a major coup for the "Friday Night Lights" alumnus and her fans, and it certainly takes the sting out of the cancellation of "Lone Star," the criminally under-viewed Fox series she co-starred in.

While "Wonder Woman" is Palicki's highest profile role to date, there's little question about where she got her start: the fantastic football drama "Friday Night Lights," which has proven to be a breeding ground for excellent up-and-comers. Don't believe us? Just click past the jump and check out some of the other "FNL" vets who've gone on to big things.

Kyle Chandler

We know him best as the brilliant Coach Taylor, but Chandler's star is about to explode with a leading man role in "Super 8," the secretive alien thriller directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg.

Scott Porter

Porter's time on "FNL" was short-lived, but it translated to some top-notch assignments: for one, he's appeared in crucial roles in "Dear John" and "Speed Racer." For another, he was a stone's throw away from landing the lead in "Captain America," before losing out to Chris Evans. No doubt, Porter is mere steps away from his big Hollywood break.

Minka Kelly

Kelly played the pivotal role of Lyla Garrity on "FNL" for several seasons before leaving to pursue her big screen career. She nabbed notable gigs like "(500) Days of Summer" and, most recently, "The Roommate," but her days on the small screen are far from over—she was recently cast as one of the three leads in ABC's new "Charlie's Angels" revival.

Taylor Kitsch

If we're talking about successful "FNL" alums, there's no escaping mention of Taylor Kitsch. He was Gambit in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and he's got the starring role in two upcoming blockbusters, Peter Berg's "Battleship" and the long awaited "John Carter of Mars." Expect even bigger things from Kitsch in the coming years.

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