POLL: Taylor Lautner & Michael Bay Teaming Up For New Movie, So What Do You Think?

Taylor LautnerHere's some potentially good news for all you Taylor Lautner and Michael Bay fans out there: the "Twilight" star is set to collaborate with the "Transformers" director on a new, secretive film project.

Deadline has the news that Bay and Lautner have pitched their movie to studios, and considering that their untitled project is being described as "Wanted" meets "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," it's a sure bet that the film will be big, loud and action-packed.

But there are sure to be some skeptics among you who aren't wild about this idea, which begs the question: is this collaboration a good idea or a bad one? That's what we're asking YOU to answer past the jump!

Here are the facts as we know them so far: Lautner is currently on a break from filming "Breaking Dawn: Part 2," and Bay also has a gap in his schedule, considering "I Am Number Four" (which he produced) is hitting theaters this weekend, and "Transformers 3" post-production is underway. That leaves the two of them with enough time to pitch their project to studios, and given the enormous box office draw of both personalities, we have little doubt that their pitch will get snapped up quickly.

Bay is no stranger to catapulting young actors to stardom, having famously boosted the career of Shia Labeouf with the "Transformers" franchise. Not that Lautner needs any help in his career, but working with Bay would be a decisively huge move for the young actor.

Then again, Lautner is a busy guy. He's got "Abduction" in the can and attachments to movies like "Stretch Armstrong" and "Cancun." Of course, there's more work to be done on the "Twilight" conclusion as well, including the seemingly endless promotion cycle. Does he have enough room on his plate for another film, let alone one that's as big as a Bay movie? If he committed to Bay, would one of his other projects have to fall by the wayside? Would you be okay with that?

Lots of questions to consider here, so we want to hear from you: what do you think of Lautner and Bay's planned collaboration? Give us your feedback in the comments section, on Twitter and in our poll below!