EXCLUSIVE: 'Take Me Home Tonight' Clip Puts Topher Grace's Life In Danger

It feels like Topher Grace is constantly getting himself into awkward situations with women. Countless episodes of "That '70s Show" speak to that belief, and don't even get us started on that creepy, serial killer-y twist at the end of "Predators." Talk about awkward!

But it's entirely possible that Grace has hit rock bottom when it comes to embarrassing himself in front of a prospective love interest: in this exclusive clip from "Take Me Home Tonight," Grace's character, Matt Franklin, prepares to strap himself inside of a metal ball and ride it all the way down to his potential demise — all in the name of proving to the crush of his dreams that he's not afraid to take a chance.

Will he live? Will he die? No matter how it shakes out, we're certain that Grace won't emerge from this one unscathed – and we're equally sure you'll all get a kick out of the results when "Take Me Home Tonight" hits theaters on March 4.

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