'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Is Like 'The Matrix' Meets 'Gladiator,' Anthony Mackie Says

It's a story about vampires and American socio-political history set to be directed by a guy best-known for a comic book adaptation starring Angelina Jolie. Which begs the question: just what the heck is gonna go down on screen when Timur Bekmambetov's "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" hits theaters in the summer of 2012?

Anthony Mackie, who co-stars as the 16th President's best friend, laid out the answer for MTV News: "'The Matrix' meets 'Gladiator,' " he told us while promoting the sci-fi drama, "The Adjustment Bureau." "A lot of me with a muddy shirt on, slicing dudes open."

Essentially (and helpfully!), everything you need to know about the film, which is based on Seth Grahame-Smith's New York Times best-selling novel, is contained in the title. The story begins as a coming-of-age tale about the future president discovering the existence of blood-sucking vamps, follows Lincoln through his political career and the Civil War, and ends — um, 150-year-old spoiler alert?! — during the aftermath of his assassination.

What's got Mackie pumped — aside from the fact that he'll be kicking ass and perhaps involved in the director's crazy fight scenes with "Serbian circus attacker dudes" — is that the story, for all its fabulous fiction, hues in many ways to historical fact.

"What's interesting about it is I realized how much history people don't know and how much about Abraham Lincoln in the script is factual, but because of the craziness of the story around it, it seems like the entire thing is fiction," he said. "But Abraham Lincoln's best friend was a black dude. So when he traveled south, he traveled with his boy."

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