EXCLUSIVE: New 'Limitless' Photos Highlight Bradley Cooper's Deadly Intelligence

LimitlessIf the mind is the scene of the crime in "Inception," the tagline takes on a whole new meaning in "Limitless."

The brain-bending thriller, which arrives in theaters on March 18, follows struggling novelist Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper). When he comes into contact with a new experimental drug called NZT, his previously bleak future suddenly becomes much brighter: the drug allows him full access to all of his brainpower, leading to a much more successful existence than the one he's currently enjoying.

But success is not without its limits, despite what the film's title suggests. Both Morra and the audience will learn this lesson the hard way when "Limitless" hits screens. The movie's release is still some weeks away, but for now, we've got an exclusive first look at two new photos from the forthcoming thriller. Check them out past the jump!

In the photo above, Eddie encounters Lindy, his ex-girlfriend played by Australian beauty Abbie Cornish. Below, you'll get a first look at Eddie alongside business mogul Carl Van Loon, played by the inimitable Robert De Niro. Both these characters react to the changes that Eddie is experiencing in different ways: for Lindy, she's rightfully perplexed by the sudden about-face her deadbeat ex has so recently demonstrated. For Carl, he sees what every businessman sees: opportunity.

Are you excited about "Limitless?" Tell us what you think of the photos in the comments section and on Twitter!

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