Mark Pellington Still Attached To Direct 'The Orphanage,' Says Script Is Better Than The Original

It's been over a year since news broke that Mark Pellington ("Arlington Road") was attached to direct a remake of the Spanish horror flick, "The Orphanage." But unlike Larry Fessenden, who reportedly departed the project after a casting dispute, Pellington told MTV News that he remains committed to the production. Yet he, too, is clearly frustrated at the slow development pace.

"I don't know. That's been a year in discussion," Pellington told us at the Sundance Film Festival, where he was promoting "I Melt with You." "I'm ready to go whenever they can find an actress and pull the trigger….I've been attached for a year, and it's actually because it's been delaying, delaying, delaying that I decided to do this. I was like, 'How long are you going to wait?'"

The 2007 original, from director Juan Antonio Bayana, tells the story of a woman who returns, with her adopted son, to the orphanage where she grew and encounters the haunting presence of a child wearing a burlap sack over his head. If and when "Orphanage" does shift into production, Pellington said he plans to make a film that is not so much a straight remake of the original as it is a faithful manifestation of Fessenden and Guillermo del Toro's English-language script.

"I think the script's better than original," he told us. "I think the original is really good, but I didn't have a big jones to do a remake of something. I love this script. I love this story. So that's all I can interpret."

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