Arnold Schwarzenegger Back For 'Terminator 5' With 'Fast Five' Director Justin Lin?

TerminatorArnold Schwarzenegger is back, officially fielding offers for his long-awaited Hollywood return—and when he's finally in front of the camera, it could very well be in a familiar role.

Deadline reports that with Schwarzenegger back in the game, interest is picking up for a fifth "Terminator" film, particularly from Universal Pictures. The studio is reportedly considering an approach to the franchise that would put "Fast Five" filmmaker Justin Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan behind the driver's seat, though their involvement is far from official at this early stage.

Still, hard not to get excited about the idea of another "Terminator" movie with Schwarzenegger, Lin and Morgan attached. I know I expressed my skepticism about Arnie returning to his iconic post-apocalyptic cyborg role just last week, but if they can find a way to realistically address the actor's age—perhaps by having him play a human resistance fighter instead of the T-800 model he's played in previous installments—then of course I'm on board. I'd be fooling myself if I said otherwise.

Plus, Lin and Morgan are an excellent team. Their "Fast & Furious" collaborations have been fantastic thrill rides for action junkies, so throwing that pair onto one of the most successful and revered action franchises of all time? It's a no-brainer, really. And anyone who isn't convinced on Lin based on those films doesn't need to look any further than "Modern Warfare," the infamous paintball episode of "Community" that he directed. Not that the "Terminator" movies should be a joke, but "Salvation" completely lacked the heart and humor that was so prevalent in rounds one and two—I think Lin could bring those essential ingredients back to the table.

Again, the attachment of Lin, Morgan and Schwarzenegger is far from official. But regardless of their involvement, don't bank on the return of McG, Christian Bale or Sam Worthington—while it's possible that they could remain involved in the series, Deadline notes that their attachment ended with the recent bankruptcy battle that plagued the "Terminator" brand. In other words, their involvement is far from certain, perhaps even unlikely.

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