'Arthur' Poster Says Arthur Bach Is 'The World's Only Loveable Billionaire,' But We Disagree

ArthurOne of the upcoming films we're most looking forward to (especially after this past weekend's "Saturday Night Live") is the Russell Brand-starring remake of the '80s classic "Arthur." Between Brand doing his best Dudley Moore impression and Helen Mirren as his trusty butler Hobson, that's more than enough incentive to get me in theaters.

But a new poster for the film just hit the Internet, and we have to admit, it makes a bold claim that we just don't agree with: that Arthur is "the world's only loveable billionaire." Really?

Judging by the set visit MTV was invited to, the first theatrical trailer for the film and Brand's overall persona, Arthur does look to be quite the loveable character. But the world's only loveable billionaire? Well that we've got to disagree with, because there are plenty of other movie billionaires that we love just as much as him.

Tony Stark

You can't talk about lovable billionaires without mentioning Tony Stark. And by Tony Stark, I obviously mean Robert Downey Jr.; Ol' Shellhead would be nothing without the actor who portrayed him, and RDJ wouldn't be on top of the world right now without the winning superhero performance under his belt. If that isn't a heartwarming billionaire story, I don't know what is.

Richie Rich

The Rich family as a whole was relatively likable and good-hearted, but it's poor little Richie who captured our hearts. Really, all he wanted was to be friends with the sandlot kids and lead a good life. Even with his $70 billion fortune, we have to rank him as more lovable than Arthur Bach. After all, Richie has one thing that Arthur doesn't: friends that don't work for him.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, on the other hand, might be ironically low on friends by the end of "The Social Network," but upon subsequent viewings, he becomes surprisingly likable. It helps that he doesn't care about the money he's making and stays true to his morals, even if that comes with hard decisions. Both Rashida Jones' character and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin have addressed the fact Zuckerberg really isn't an a-hole -- and while he might not be lovable, likable is certainly a good start.

Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks

Sure, Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks only initially allows little orphan Annie to stay with him to improve his image, but it doesn't take long for the lovable redhead to endear herself to the billionaire as his adopted daughter. Think about all the wonderful things he did for her -- trying to find her parents, sacrificing his love for her to make her happy -- and tell me that Arthur is the only lovable billionaire out there.

Bruce Wayne

Not only is Bruce Wayne the best weapon Gotham City has against crime and evil, he also uses his money for good. Bruce maintains that playboy image as a cover to continue fighting for light under the cover of darkness. Few people know that Bruce is Batman, so everything he does is without personal payoff. Truly, this thankless crime-fighter isn't just a lovable billionaire, but a thoroughly selfless one.

Who is your most loveable onscreen billionaire? Are you looking forward to "Arthur"? Tell us what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!

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