'The Social Network' Winklevoss Twins Are The Work Of Digital Witchcraft

There was no way you could know when you clicked on this post that your mind was going to be blown. Now you know. If it's too much to handle, step away now, slowly. The braver at heart should hit play on the below video and keep reading, because you're about to have some of the magic of filmmaking revealed for you.

Armie Hammer did an outstanding job in David Fincher's "The Social Network" in dual roles as twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Josh Pence also did a great job in the role, though you'd never know it looking at the movie. Hammer and Pence were cast to play the brothers, but Pence is used as a body double for Hammer's dual performance. "Body double" is really underselling things though. What happens here is more of a "digital Frankenstein."

Using the magic of science, Fincher's visual wizards were able to transplant Hammer's face onto Pence's body for scenes in which the two brothers appear on screen together. This meant double the work for each performer, which in Fincher time probably amounts to roughly 987,854,463,975 takes across the entire production.

The unfortunate thing of it is, for all of his extra work, Pence's performance is never actually seen. Not really. You see his body of course, but the face is all Hammer. To his credit, Pence understood the opportunity he was being given and was a total professional about performing in a role that wasn't really going to be seen by audiences.

"I was happy to be a part of this regardless," he says in the above video, featured in shorter form on the recent home video release of "The Social Network" and premiering today on Vulture. "There's definitely a moment where you're like, 'Is that really going to be the situation? That could be the situation?' Then when you get over your ego you just realize it's a no-brainer. To work with David Fincher and to work with Aaron Sorkin and everybody else, it was just such a talented cast and crew. To be a part of that would just be an honor."

The really cool stuff comes in around the 1:50 mark, where you can see the machine that made the magic happen at work and then watch as Pence's face is replaced with Hammer's during an early scene from the film. Wild stuff, and an absolute must-watch for fans of "The Social Network."

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