Bruce Willis Is Talking To Directors About 'Die Hard 5'

Bruce Willis is in negotiations to star in Stephen Frears' "Lay the Favorite, Take the Dog," an adaptation of a book by Beth Raymer chronicling her rise as one of the top bookies in sports. Buried amidst the news was a rather exciting revelation about the next chapter in the long-running Willis-starring action franchise, "Die Hard."

Vulture reports that Fox wasn't a fan of the script for "Die Hard 5" delivered by Skip Woods, so they're starting over from the beginning. Meanwhile, Willis is doing his part to get things moving, reportedly speaking with a number of directors. His top pick is apparently Swedish filmmaker Jorge Daniel Espinosa, who is currently working with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington on his U.S. debut, "Safe House."

But who else could -- or should -- Willis be speaking with? Our wish list is after the jump.

Shane Black

Shane Black is a man of action. By which I mean action is where his talents truly lie. Black notably wrote the first two "Lethal Weapon" movies, as well as "The Last Boy Scout" (itself a Willis classic), "Last Action Hero" and "The Monster Squad." He's currently believed to be in the running to direct Robert Downey Jr. in "Iron Man 3," but I think if "Die Hard" came a-knocking, he'd make the time.

George Tillman Jr.

George Tillman Jr. did a solid job with Notorious B.I.G. biopic "Notorious," but he really kicked some tail in the action world late last year with the Dwayne Johnson-starring CBS Films release "Faster." Slick and stylish top-to-bottom, Tillman could potentially bring a whole new feel to the aging franchise.

Patrick Lussier

Of course, if it's a new feel you want, 3-D is all the rage these days. Patrick Lussier stands apart from his fellow 3-D-embracing filmmakers because of his apparent belief that the technology was just invented yesterday. This is a compliment. Lussier appreciates the gimmicky aspects of the tech and loves using it to throw terrifyingly awesome things at your face, as seen in "My Bloody Valentine" and, soon enough, "Drive Angry 3D."

Pierre Morel

Pierre Morel is awesome because he directed "Taken," and I would definitely be up for his take on "Die Hard." With recent word that Morel has stepped away from his adaptation of Frank Herbert's "Dune" -- tragic news on its own -- the French filmmaker could heal those wounds by trading in spice for McClane.

John McTiernan

John McTiernan directed the first and third "Die Hard" movies, which are without argument the series' two best. So, his legal woes aside, why not bring him back and convince him to do one more? Maybe "Die Hard" will end up like "Star Trek," where every odd-numbered release is top-notch. That is until the torch is passed to a new generation, or a next generation, as the case may be.

Tell us who you think should direct "Die Hard 5" in the comments section and on Twitter!

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