'The Hangover 2' Video Hits The Web: Mayhem (And Ken Jeong) Return

If you were worried that taking "The Hangover" gang out of Las Vegas for the sequel was going to change their dynamic too much, don't. The guys, who director Todd Phillips has moved to Bangkok, are still getting into heaps of trouble (though this time with less "scripted tigers" and missing teeth), and running into some familiar faces, including Mike Tyson and Ken Jeong.

Entertainment Tonight visited the set of "The Hangover 2" to see what Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha were up to abroad. Besides some seriously enviable cinematography (Cooper tells ET, "Bangkok sort of tops Vegas" and Galifianakis, wearing a jaunty hat, boasts, "This is the most un-boring place") there's a few behind-the-scenes snippets worth checking out as well.

"The Hangover 2," which hits theaters on May 26, is about more impending nuptials (only this time it's for Helms' musically-inclined dentist, Stu) gone terribly awry in Thailand. Now, just replace a mischievous bachelor party with a haywire brunch, and you've got yourself a sequel.

At one point during the video, an alarmed Cooper tells Helms, "Look Stu, it's the Russians," and another finds the guys careening off the water in a speedboat. From the looks of things, Phillips is going for over-the-top, but Cooper assures there's no pressure to best what they did in the original and that it's "more about us being together again, playing the characters that we love."

It's clear from the footage the rapport between the stars hasn't changed much since the success of the first flick at least. When asked if their lives have been altered since the 2009 comedy became a smash, Galifianakis (who, arguably, had the biggest career change from the movie, not to mention the clip's best zinger when he joked the California Raisins have a cameo in "The Hangover 2") said it hadn't too much. To which Bartha quickly quipped back about his undeniably famous co-star, "Well, ask your assistant's assistant."

Does this behind-the-scenes footage make you interested in seeing "The Hangover 2" or do you feel like there's no way for them to match the original? Give us your take in the comments section and on Twitter!