'The Hobbit' Cast Gathers Together For The First Time

We're still a few weeks away until that March 21 start date on "The Hobbit," but that doesn't mean we have to wait that long to see the merry band of dwarves for the first time.

Check it out for yourselves, folks: at a press conference held in New Zealand yesterday, all thirteen members of the company of dwarves and Bilbo Baggins himself gathered together in public for the very first time since their casting was announced.

In addition to posing for photos, Martin Freeman and the gang answered questions from the local press, with the titular Hobbit himself weighing in on his impressions of Peter Jackson so far: "With as many Oscars as he's got, he is phenomenally and genuinely normal. It's not an act; it's not a put on. Some people have studied normal, some people are hip normal – 'Look at me, I'm being normal!' – but Peter is really an artist."

Jed Brophi, who plays the dwarf Nori, said of his involvement in the project: "It's more exciting than I could possibly say. I feel incredibly honored and privileged to be in the film. Hopefully, I'll make it all the way through without being killed!"

The chorus of "no guarantees" from his fellow cast members should be a strong indicator of the trials and tribulations that await the cast and crew involved with "The Hobbit." Something tells us that the grueling journey will be worth it.

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