Will 'Glee' Creator Ryan Murphy Direct Willow Smith-Starring 'Annie' Remake?

Ryan MurphyIf you've been wondering why more songs from "Annie" haven't been featured over the past two seasons of "Glee," we might have your answer.

You'll remember last month when we reported that Will Smith is rebooting "Annie" as a starring vehicle for his daughter Willow Smith, and now Deadline has a new scoop on the project. According to them, "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy is being courted to helm the film.

Murphy has a leg up on his competitors for two reasons. The most obvious one, of course, is the juggernaut that is "Glee." It not only repopularized the musical by combining popular songs with hot unknown stars and touchy subjects, but it also became a massive success in no time flat. For the most part, just having his name on a musical gives it a certain level of authority.

Secondly, Murphy is on really good terms with production company Sony after the success of last summer's Julia Roberts-starring "Eat, Pray, Love," which went on to make over $204 million worldwide. Deadline reports that Sony was so impressed with Murphy that they signed a $5 million deal to have him come back and direct another film with Roberts. Since they have such a good relationship, it only seems natural that Sony would turn to Murphy to direct a film that could create a whole new movie star out of Willow Smith for them.

For his part, Murphy has a potential "Rocky Horror Picture Show" film remake, a possible shot at directing "Wicked," the aforementioned Julia Roberts film and "The Normal Heart" with Mark Ruffalo -- none of which are set in stone. The "Annie" remake would not only pave good relations with the Smiths (since it's only a matter of time before "Whip My Hair" is featured on "Glee"), but it would also prove that Murphy's box office success was not a one time deal.

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