'Clerks 3' And The View Askew Universe Could Thrive On Television, Explains Kevin Smith

Once he's finished with "Red State" and "Hit Somebody," Kevin Smith intends to retire as a film director. But that doesn't mean his days as a storyteller are over. Having already oscillated between the film and comic book mediums at multiple points throughout his career, Smith says there's another place where his stories could exist: television.

"Someone asked me on Twitter about 'Clerks 3,' and I said I'd rather live 'Clerks 3' than make 'Clerks 3.' But when somebody asked me, 'What if you do have a Dante and Randal story to tell in your 40s and 50s?' I'll go to TV!" Smith told MTV News during our interview with him earlier this week. "At the end of the day, when I started in film, you couldn't do the things we were doing and saying [on television]. Now, you can."

Smith recalled an old "Clerks" review written by Entertainment Weekly critic Owen Gleiberman: "He said in his review, 'This is what a sitcom is going to look like in 10 years.' And I said, nah. But he was right, kind of."

"He hit the target," Smith continued. "Sitcoms got way more loose and a lot more like 'Clerks,' not that they were copying it, but once you push the door a little bit, motherf---ers will push it further. Richard Linklater opened the door this much, and I kept barging my way in. If you're lucky in this lifetime, the door opens this wide and smart people only need this much. For me, it's like the door opens and I got my win and stuck in there."

These days, Smith feels like he could pursue a potential third "Clerks" story – or any other story set in the View Askew universe – just as easily on television than on film, if not even better.

"Now I feel like I could do 'Clerks 3' on TV if I wanted," he said. "It would probably reach more people, and I'd get as much freedom, and I bet any TV station would say, 'Yeah, do it here!'"

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