Shane Black Could Direct 'Iron Man 3,' And Here's Why That's Awesome

Iron ManPotentially big news on the superhero front today, guys. Although we're still reeling from the news that Jon Favreau won't be returning to direct "Iron Man 3" for Marvel Studios, the comic book franchise may be in very good hands in the form of Shane Black.

Heat Vision reports that Black is one of several writers and directors who has met with Marvel about possibly taking Ol' Shellhead back to the big screen for a third solo outing. Nothing is official yet, but he is "being considered," despite the fact that others are also in contention.

Now, this is very good news. If you don't agree, you're probably not familiar with Black. After the jump, we've got a primer on his career highlights, and you'll see for yourself why Black is the right man for the "Iron Man" gig.

"Lethal Weapon"

You know how Danny Glover keeps complaining about how he's "too old for this s---?" Well, Black wasn't too young for it; the story goes that the screenwriter wrote the script for "Lethal Weapon" in 1985 when he was still an undergrad at UCLA, selling the screenplay shortly thereafter. Not a bad first gig out of the gate, wouldn't you say?


Not only did Black pitch in on the story for "Predator," he also had a starring role. He played the bespectacled Hawkins, who also has the unfortunate distinction of becoming (spoiler alert) the first member of Dutch Schaefer's squad to fall victim to the titular alien hunter. His skinned carcass hanging from a tree set the bar for the several grisly deaths to follow.

"The Last Boy Scout"

Already a proven storyteller when it comes to the buddy cop genre, Black rejiggered the formula that worked so well with "Lethal Weapon" in this story that sets up Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans as extremely reluctant allies. Are you noticing a trend yet? Black is fantastic at writing co-leads, and given the relationship between Tony Stark and Rhodey… it practically writes itself.

"Last Action Hero"

Over-the-top Arnold Schwarzenegger action has never been quite as intentionally over-the-top as it was in this tongue-in-cheek buddy cop flick that pits a fictional Arnie character against an over-his-head sidekick. The winks and nods towards the action genre are hilarious, proving that Black doesn't just have a knack for blowing stuff up – he's also quite funny on his own.

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

This is the real feather in Black's cap when it comes to "Iron Man 3." After years as a screenwriter, he knocked his directorial debut completely out of the park with "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." Much of that success owes to his spectacular collaboration with leading man Robert Downey Jr., who you guys know as… well, Iron Man! The two already have a successful working history together, and there's no question that they could recapture lightning in the same bottle with the third "Iron Man." Keep your fingers crossed, folks – Black is the right man for "Iron Man 3," it's just a matter of Marvel realizing it.

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