Kevin Smith Wants Ben Affleck, Matt Damon And Possibly Even Bruce Willis For 'Hit Somebody'

It's sad but true, folks: Kevin Smith is leaving the game once he's finished with "Hit Somebody."

At the very least, the hockey film will be Smith's last turn as a director, according to the filmmaker himself. Smith reaffirmed his decision to stop directing movies after "Hit Somebody" during his appearance on MTV News earlier this week, and his reasoning is certainly solid: according to Smith, this is going to be the movie that sums up his entire career.

"This is going to sum it all up, everything I've done," he explained. "I'll try and put everyone who's worked with us over the years in the flick."

So, just who is everyone? To quote Gary Oldmaneveryone!

"They're all coming back," Smith insisted, referring to the many characters who have appeared in "Clerks," "Mallrats" and the other View Askew films over the years. "The beauty of this flick for me, and this is why it's the one I want to go out on, is it's like 'The Muppet Movie.' You've got your core cast, and then you have a zillion cameos. Because you're playing in a league, you know? You have to staff up every team, and you're following a character for 30 years, from 1950 to 1980. So it's a wide, varied cast of characters."

"That means I can pull from my entire history of film," he continued… and yes, he's even thinking about a certain "Cop Out" star he didn't exactly get along with. "I'm not even ruling out [Bruce Willis], you know what I'm saying? I would even put a stick in Willis' hand. I'd duck, but I'd put a stick in Willis' hand and put him on ice!"

And when it comes to returning cameos, Smith suggested he's looking at "Dogma" leads Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to fill out the Boston hockey squad: "We'll have a team in Boston, and who do you think I'm going to call for that? Both of those dudes! I'll be like, 'I need you to put on sweaters' and s---, and hopefully they'll do it."

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