'Logan's Run' Remake Could Come Together 'Soon,' Says Joel Silver

Logan's RunWe're not always wild about the idea of remaking classic pictures, but there are a few exceptions. We're excited about "The Thing," for example, if only because it promises to elaborate on the story that precedes the John Carpenter horror flick -- which itself was a remake, so there!

Another remake we're psyched for is "Logan's Run." Not to take anything away from the 1976 Michael York-starring adaptation, but this is a compelling story with a rich science fiction world that could absolutely blow the roof off given today's filmmaking capabilities. But development on the remake has been difficult, to say the least. Numerous attempts have been made to bring "Logan's Run" back to theaters, with directors like Bryan Singer and, most recently, Carl Rinsch attached to the project at various points.

Right now, the film is without a director. But that doesn't mean it isn't still coming together. Speaking with MTV News, superstar producer Joel Silver was quite confident that "Logan's Run" still has a good chance of becoming a reality "soon."

"'Logan's Run' might come together," he said. "That might be something we get a chance to do soon. We've got that in a place that we’re really happy with. That has to be a big… it's a whole new world, its a whole new way of looking at the story and I think it's something that could be really good."

We think so, too. But technology can only take your film so far; a lot of the success of "Logan's Run" is going to depend on locking in a visionary director (Rinsch was a fantastic choice) and, just as importantly, a leading man to take on the titular character. No names just yet, but Silver knows that whoever takes on the heroic role, he's got to be young.

"The whole idea of that movie is that people have to come [into their] lives very young so yes, it would be a younger actor," he said.

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