Brandon T. Jackson Does It Big In New 'Big Momma 3' Music Video

When it comes to "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son," some things are changing, and some things are staying the same. Funny dudes dressing up as massively overweight and strangely eccentric women? Check. But Martin Lawrence isn't the only cross-dressing undercover cop this time around: comedian Brandon T. Jackson has joined the cast as Trent Pierce, the stepson of Lawrence's Malcolm Turner, replacing outgoing actor Jascha Washington in the role.

Jackson isn't just acting in the movie, too; he's rapping and dancing as well, lending his talents to the music video for "Ima Do It Big," featuring T. Pain and One Chance. Check out the video right here on Movies Blog!

The video, which is in promotion of "Big Momma 3," showcases several clips from the movie, including a scene where Jackson's Pierce – who follows in his stepfather's footsteps by going undercover as Big Momma's college freshman niece to root out the bad guys – serenades his fellow classmates. Momma, of course, gets in on the action as well. She also gets naked. Yes, really.

But it's not just "Big Momma" that gets all the love in the video, even if it gets the biggest chunk of screen time – don't miss Jackson's mid-video transformation into his "Big Momma" character, for example – because there's also a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to "Avatar" early on in the video. That's never a bad thing.

But if we're being honest, seeing the "Tropic Thunder" star at the center of this video just makes us pine for more Alpa Chino beats. Come on, man, where's the Booty Sweat?!

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