Paul Dano To Reteam With 'Little Miss Sunshine' Directors For New Dramedy 'He Loves Me'

Little Miss SunshineFor those of you out there hoping that the next film "Little Miss Sunshine" directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris will make after their 2006 indie darling will be its sequel, continue holding your breath. But they're bringing us the next best thing.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Dayton and Faris are reteaming with "Little Miss Sunshine" star Paul Dano to headline their new dramedy, and producers Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa are back for more as well. The film, "He Loves Me," is written by and will costar Dano's real-life girlfriend, Zoe Kazan, and is described as "Adaptation" meets "Weird Science."

Berger told the Times that "the plot couldn't be more different than 'Little Miss Sunshine,' but in terms of a movie with comedy, with heart and with strong characters, I think it's very similar."

This is far from the first time directors have reteamed with some of their favorite actors for great results -- click past the jump for some other notable examples -- and we hope that "He Loves Me" can rank up there with them.

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

These days, Tim Burton can hardly make a movie and not have Johnny Depp in it, and we're completely okay with that. Of the 15 films Burton has directed, Depp has starred in seven of them, and he's about to make that eight with the upcoming "Dark Shadows." It only helps that Depp's abstract persona is intrinsically tied to Burton's distinct style of storytelling.

Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman

Sure, Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman only have three movies together ("Pulp Fiction" and "Kill Bill: Volume 1" and "2"), but the bond between them seems to go much deeper than that. Barring his "special guest director" privileges on "Sin City," Tarantino has only directed seven films in all, and "Pulp Fiction" and the "Kill Bill" films are among the strongest of them. And since Quentin has made his desire for a "Kill Bill: Volume 3" known in the past, we think that these two are destined for continued greatness.

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro

Many people would consider Leonardo DiCaprio to be Martin Scorsese's muse in recent years -- and for good reason -- but it was Robert De Niro who was the director's muse when he made his rise to fame in the 1970s. "Taxi Driver," "Mean Streets," "Raging Bull"... it's pretty fair to say neither De Niro nor Scorsese would be as prestigious as they are today if it wasn’t for one another, so we're hoping for a reunion soon.

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow

Woody Allen has had plenty of muses. There was Diane Keaton, Dianne Wiest and most recently Scarlett Johansson. But none have had such an impact as Mia Farrow. She starred in 13 of his films in all, including "Hannah and Her Sisters," "The Purple Rose of Cairo" and "Crimes and Misdemeanors."

Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe

Like Burton and Depp, Ridley Scott tends to look at Russell Crowe as his go-to leading man. His brother, Tony Scott, similarly flocks to Denzel Washington, but at least we know what we're getting when we go to see these films: swords, explosions, and all-around badassery.

Are you glad Paul Dano is reteaming with Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris? Who is your favorite actor/director combination? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!