Exclusive 'Red State' Clip: Melissa Leo Gets Her Drink On With Michael Angarano

Kevin Smith has been very deliberate about what he's revealed and what he hasn't when it comes to "Red State." The politically and religiously-minded horror film is certainly a change of pace for the filmmaker, and it shows in what little we've seen – from the eerie character-centric teaser posters all the way through to the unforgettably haunting trailer.

With that in mind, make no mistake about it: what Smith is showing you in this exclusive clip from "Red State" is deliberately chosen. The scene he's selected features some of the movie's most prominent players, including Oscar-nominated actress Melissa Leo and Michael Angarano.

Details on the scene are past the jump!

Leo, currently sweeping the awards circuit for her fabulous turn as boxing mom Alice Ward in "The Fighter," is once again playing a troubled mother figure, though this matriarch seems to have some different issues to wrestle with: namely, she's throwing beers back with a trio of kids who – and we're just guessing here – shouldn't legally be drinking.

But Leo's character, Sarah, has her fair share of baggage to contend with: she's the daughter of Pastor Abin Cooper, the god-fearing religious figure at the center of "Red State." That's undeniably a tough shadow to live under -- and until we've seen the movie for ourselves, we're betting we have no idea just how tough it really is.

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