'Ender's Game' Producer Roberto Orci Talks Adapting Orson Scott Card's Classic Novel

Last week "Ender's Game" fans everywhere rejoiced at the news that the beloved novel by Orson Scott Card is getting closer to a long-awaited big screen adaptation. Director Gavin Hood ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine") along with dynamic writing/producing duo Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman ("Star Trek," "Cowboys and Aliens") announced - via Orci's Twitter account - that they are currently shopping the project around town.

MTV News recently caught up with Orci during a preview screening of one of he and Kurtzman's many other projects, "Transformers: Prime," where we asked him how things are going with "Game."

“The first thing is to set it up somewhere," he said. "The last 48 hours I’ve been running around trying to sell the damn thing, and someone needs to get some guts, and get in here and buy it."

On that note, Orci called out Hasbro by name, the same company that produces "Transformers: Prime" on its shared venture with Discovery, The Hub.

We then asked why now is the right time for a film version of "Ender's Game," versus the incarnations that have come and gone - and not been greenlit - over the years.

"Like 'Cowboys and Aliens,' it was in development for a long time so I think it became somewhat of an institutional feeling that somehow it can’t be done," Orci said. "This is one of those books, since it came out in '85, it turned into a classic, but there was always this feeling that somehow you can’t be faithful, because the audience isn't sophisticated enough."

"We’re finally in the year when an audience is sophisticated enough," he continued. "And they crave original stuff, and that is why we decided right now to take it out, and hopefully we’ll have good partners.”

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