Liam Neeson Talks 'Taken 2' Plot: 'He's Going To Get Taken!'

Liam Neeson is a very busy man these days. He's got a few sequels and cameos up his sleeve, in addition to the upcoming thriller "Unknown," co-starring Diane Kruger and January Jones.

When MTV News caught up with him over the weekend to talk about "Unknown," in which he plays a character with shades of Bryan Mills from "Taken," I asked him if he was surprised at how much people love that film and of course had to pump him for few details about "Taken 2."

"I thought it was a good little B-movie when I first read it," Neeson said of "Taken." "I thought, 'This is cool, very simple, maybe straight to video, but it's a good little film, it's a chance to do all that physical stuff.' And then it just seemed to hit a pulse in people, it did very very well which I'm thrilled about and we're hoping to do another one next year sometime."

And what might that film entail?

"'Taken 2,'" Neeson said with a laugh, as if that statement sums everything up. "He's going to get taken!"

I then asked if he knew anything about the plot.

"Not really, no," Neeson said. "[They're] working on a script."

When I suggested that they should maybe consider a prequel as well, so fans could really see Neeson in action, the "Clash of the Titans" actor said that that would likely require the film to be set during one of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, which isn't as new to moviegoers.

So we'll be seeing a prequel then, for sure?

"Yeah, I think so," Neeson said. "I hope so."

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