'The Roommate' Inspires A Detailed Look At Some True Roommate Horror Stories

The RoommateLeighton Meester fans: brace yourselves for a glimpse at a very different side of the “Gossip Girl” star. Namely, Blair Waldorf: “Single White Female.” At least, that's what “The Roommate” (in theaters today) looks like to us.

The story follows college freshman Sara (played by “Friday Night Lights” hottie Minka Kelly), who is randomly assigned to share a room with (seemingly) well-meaning Rebecca (Meester). Slowly, Rebecca obsessively weasels her way into Sara's life - with terrifying consequences.

The premise reminds us of our own roommate horror stories from college, and beyond. But we won't go into that time the girl occupying the bottom bunk bed put tacks in our shoes (true story) - instead, we asked others to share their tales of live-in woe. The resulting hilarious, repulsive and downright ridiculous stories will have you trolling Craigslist for a studio apartment faster than you can say "transfer, please!"

“When I graduated high school, my friend and I got a place together in Greenville. Things went well for a few months until her boyfriend stayed there... all the time. He was a loser and I complained about it. He kept eating all of the food so I started hiding bread and peanut butter in my closet - I was pretty poor. My friend went to borrow a pair of my shoes and saw the food, took offense and went nuts. She left this crazy note and took off. Before she left, though, she put all my clothes and shoes onto the ground behind the apartment and burned everything. She packed up everything in the apartment - toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, toilet paper, even the little catchers in the sinks and drains. She took it all. Then she showed up one night and hit my car with a baseball bat a few times. She was always a little nutty but I never expected her to do all that over hiding food from her. I went to school with this girl for years! I never had another roommate after that.”

- Kat, Greenville, SC

“I was studying fine arts in Seville and I was sharing a place with four guys. One was a pastry chef and another was a neo-Nazi. The neo-Nazi always had his awful friends over, and the pastry chef was totally mental - he hit his girlfriend and slept with a knife in his bed. I tried to stay under the radar, but there was one weekend that changed it all. I was away, and a group of my roommate's neo-Nazi friends came over and stayed the night. My pastry chef roommate was sleeping at his girlfriend's, so one of the party-goers crashed in the pastry chef's room. He got so drunk that he pooped himself and covered the entire room with it. And the pastry chef was a total fashionista - he had really expensive clothes. So this guy not only covered his room in feces, but then he stole the pastry chef's clothes and left his dirty clothes in the room. Then, he raided the fridge and took a really expensive bottle of the pastry chef's champagne before he left. When the pastry chef got home, he freaked out and beat up the neo-Nazi. After that, the entire apartment broke up.”

- Roberto, Brooklyn, NY

“My freshman year of college, I lived in a dorm on an all-girl floor. There was one girl who was kind of strange and super touchy. I usually kept my door unlocked when I was in the room, figuring nobody would steal anything if I was in there. One day after class, I decided to take a nap. Just as I was nodding off, I felt a pressure next to me. I jumped up to find the weird spacey girl on the bed with me. Her explanation? 'I came in to ask for a lighter and you looked so peaceful sleeping, I thought I would climb in with you!' Needless to say, I started sleeping with both locks on the door.”

- Marisol, Brooklyn, NY

“I've actually been one of those nightmare roommates. I was living with my best friend and his girlfriend in Baltimore, and I was dating a married woman. She was insane and my friends hated her. They constantly tried to tell me but I dismissed them as being unsupportive. Eventually, she said she hated the glassware in our kitchen, so she showed up with new glasses and replaced all of ours. She also disliked my bathroom so she swapped out our bathmats, toilet paper dispenser and shower curtain. I thought it was great...hey, free stuff! My roommates were more along the lines of, 'WTF?' So yeah...I wasn't the single white female, but I sure introduced one!”

- Mike, New York, NY

"I've had nothing but great roommates. Except for my ex-wife.”

- Dave, Washington, DC

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