'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1' DVD To Include Teaser Of 'Part 2's' Opening Scene

Harry PotterGood news, "Potter" fans: Warner Bros. has announced that "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" will hit DVD and Blu-Ray on April 15. In addition to all the usual fun tidbits that come on the home video versions of the "Harry Potter" films -- interviews, behind-the-scenes, commentary -- the release also includes a sneak peak at the opening scene of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2."

Considering the film won't hit theaters until three months later on July 15, it's certainly something to look forward to. But even though it seems like it should be obvious where the second film would start up, there actually are a couple different options for the opening scene. Click on after the jump to see the various scenes we think could kick off "Part 2," but beware, some spoilers lie ahead.

Shell Cottage

It would make sense in the fairly cut-and-dry adaptations David Yates has done so far that "Part 2" would pick up right where "Part 1" left off. That would be at Shell Cottage, right after the death of Dobby, with Harry, Ron and Hermione trying to figure out what they were supposed to do next. And, let's be fair, this is most likely what will be shown on the DVD.

Gringott's and Diagon Alley

Then again, there's a chance that "Part 2" might skip the slow stuff and go right to the main action in the beginning of the film. Of course, that means Yates would have to find a narrative way to resolve the fact Harry doesn't know he's supposed to get to Gringott's to get the next horcrux, making this suggestion a bit unlikely.


In my opinion, the biggest flaw of "Part 1" was that it didn't show enough of what was going on at Hogwarts. "Part 1" is the only "Harry Potter" film that doesn't take place at Hogwarts in some way, and I think it suffered for it. There's an awful lot of dissent and rebellion going on with Snape as headmaster and Death Eaters as professors, so an opening scene would be a great way to carry the continuity over to the eighth film.

Malfoy Manor

Arguably one of the best scenes in "Part 1" was the great den of evil type sequence at Malfoy Manor. It gave some insight into what the bad guys of "Potter" are up to in "Deathly Hallows." So maybe we'll see an updated look at what they are up to to kick off "Part 2" with some sort of action and conflict.

The End of "Part 1"

There's also the option for "Part 2" to pick up right where "Part 1" left off. It could somehow incorporate either a montage or a straight rewind of the end of the first "Deathly Hallows" so that we can literally pick up right where we left off in "Part 2." Hey, eight months is a long time!

What do you hope the opening scene of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" is? Tell us in the comments section and on Twitter!