Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is In 'The Dark Knight Rises,' But We Still Want An 'Inception' Sequel

Joseph Gordon-LevittJoseph Gordon-Levitt, fast on the rise thanks to his breakout role in Christopher Nolan's "Inception," is about to reunite with a few members of that dream team for his latest project: none other than a trip to Gotham City in "The Dark Knight Rises."

Gordon-Levitt's role in the film remains under lock and key, and Deadline even notes that he's just in talks at the moment. But his schedule is clear for when the Batman threequel starts shooting this spring, having just wrapped his work on the time travel thriller "Looper" with Bruce Willis and Rian Johnson.

We don't need to harp on how awesome this news is. We all know how awesome it is. It's especially awesome because it's an unofficial reunion between Eames and Arthur, the characters played by Tom Hardy and Gordon-Levitt respectively in "Inception." (Hardy is starring in "TDKR" as Bane, the masked nemesis who "broke the Bat" in the comic books.) But Nolan, you're such a tease! Why don't you give the fans what they really want: an official "Inception" sequel starring Eames and Arthur? We can see the possibilities now…

- Even though a full-on "Inception" sequel might cheapen the movie's ambiguous ending, a series of web-shorts starring Hardy and Gordon-Levitt as their well-dressed dream robbers would be fantastic to see. Those characters could zero gravity their way into numerous death-defying situations while snarking back-and-forth through it all.

- Nolan has confirmed his interest in an "Inception" video game, and we see that as a vehicle for JGL and Hardy. Truly, who needs Dom Cobb? Certainly not as the protagonist, not when more easily action-ready heroes like Eames and Arthur are at the ready. Make those two characters your playable heroes for the game, get the actors back on board for voice acting, and you would have one hell of a co-op gaming experience.

- Maybe an animated movie or series based on "Inception" would be cool. Scratch that — there's no maybe. It would be very cool, no question. Just like our proposed version of the game, Eames and Arthur's voice likeness could be provided once again by the dynamic duo of Hardy and Gordon-Levitt, giving fans the weekly dose of reality-bending badassery they want and deserve.

- There's also just a straight-up live-action movie sequel to consider. I know everyone is nervous about revisiting the world of "Inception" because it would necessarily burst the bubble on the concluding twist, but I challenge any "Inception" fan to not go to theaters on opening night if a Gordon-Levitt and Hardy-starring sequel came to pass. You're really telling me you wouldn't go see that? Keep dreaming, fools!

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