Jason Segel And Paul Rudd Meet Rush In 'I Love You Man' Mini-Sequel

I Love You ManMaybe it was the fact that Paul Rudd's cameo in Jason Segel's "The Muppets" fell through, or that President Obama admitted to loving "I Love You Man," or maybe it just felt like the right time. Regardless of the reason, Segel and Rudd decided to don their favorite Rush concert gear and reteam for a Funny or Die segment called "Jason Segel & Paul Rudd Meet Rush."

If you've seen "I Love You Man," you'll know that some of the most memorable moments from the film take place when Rudd and Segel, playing Peter Klaven and Sydney Fife, are discussing their love for the Canadian rock band. Heard your friend talk about "slappin da bass"? Well, now you know why. Needless to say, hilarity ensues in the six-minute video. Check it out past the jump!

Peter and Sydney manage to sneak backstage while the band is performing during their 2010 Rush Machine Tour, and Sydney convinced Peter that it's "totes" fine for them to be in Rush's dressing room because they have some laminated backstage passes. And, since it's Peter's birthday, he's brought his double neck guitar for the band to sign. But once the band shows up after the concert, things don't go according to plan.

Fortunately Rudd and Segel give shoutouts to the most quotable of the "I Love You Man" quotes, like "brosian," "the man cave," "tote magote," "jobin" and, of course, "slappin da bass." But, while there wasn't much talk about an "I Love You Man" sequel before, this might be the catalyst to make the Internet go hogwild for one. Actually, as it turns out, this short video was actually made for Rush's summer tour, though it's only made its way to the Internet in official video form now.

Either way, it looks like Peter and Sydney are still floating around in the minds of Rudd, Segel and director John Hamburg, so maybe we will see some more Rasta leprechaun impressions coming soon to a theater near you.

Would you like to see a sequel to "I Love You Man" or is this mini-sequel satisfying enough as is? Let us know what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!