'Snow White And The Huntsman' Features Beauty-Sucking Villains And Battle-Hungry Dwarves

Snow WhiteThere's a lot that we know and a lot that we don't when it comes to "Snow White and The Huntsman," Universal Pictures' forthcoming adaptation of the classic fairytale starring Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and potentially Viggo Mortensen as the titular huntsman.

Casting rumors on this project have been pretty wild, ranging from Elvis Pressley's granddaughter to "Twilight" fave Kristen Stewart. No matter who winds up playing the fairest maiden of them all, it sounds like she's going to have a lot of good stuff on her plate: the folks at Hollywood Life have reportedly gotten their hands on a copy of the film's screenplay, and they've dished out a whole ton of details on the project. Check out some of the highlights after the jump!

The Plot

It sounds like "Huntsman" is sticking fairly closely to the classic tale we all remember, with a few bloody exceptions. Snow White, an 18-year-old princess, is targeted for death by her bitter stepmother, a fate she avoids thanks to Eric, a huntsman out for vengeance against the queen. Prince Charming — called Charmant in the script — eventually comes along to kiss the apple-poisoned Snow, and although he's her first love, Snow has fallen for the huntsman. Eric, however, insists that Charmant is her one true love.

The Beauty

It's no secret that the Evil Queen is, well, evil. How evil is she, you ask? So evil that she's collecting as many beautiful women as possible, casting spells on them, draining their beauty and drinking their essence "as they age 60 years." Disturbingly sexy or just disturbing? We're not judging!

The Arsenal

Abraham Lincoln isn't the only one getting an action makeover. Just like that historical vampire hunter, Snow White is getting her hands on axes, daggers, bows and arrows and swords over the course of the film. "She's not the damsel in distress any longer," reports the script review.

The Dwarves

This wouldn't be Snow White without some dwarf action, and we mean that very literally. There's apparently a big battle scene in which the "seven dwarfs attack the Queens Army," so perhaps we'll see some new dwarves named Bloody and Stabby added to the mix.

The Downsides

The script review is mostly positive, though there are some negative points to touch on. Some of the visuals are described as "very complicated and risk coming across cheesy if not done well," a problem that affects some of the dialogue as well. But "Snow White" is still early enough in production that those problems could get smoothed over before shooting even begins.

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