Christian Bale And Javier Bardem Reportedly In Contention For 'Dark Tower' Lead

Christian BaleSo much for the actor playing Roland Deschain in "The Dark Tower" adaptation being released last week. When MTV caught up with producer Brian Grazer after the Golden Globes, he said we would hear some casting announcements "within a week." But "within a week" has come and gone, and we still only have rumors.

Today, two different movie news sites announced two different actors being in the lead for the role, and interestingly enough, neither of them is fan-favorite Viggo Mortensen. Deadline got the exclusive that Javier Bardem, who was already rumored for the role, is the front-runner for the Gunslinger, while New York Post says the role is Christian Bale's to lose.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact both of these actors are current Oscar nominees, but it sounds like whichever man is chosen for the role will be a good selection.

Deadline heard that Bardem has officially been offered the lead role by director Ron Howard, though formal negotiations have not yet begun. The way Deadline is talking, this is almost a done deal, but we'll have to wait for an official confirmation.

NY Post, by contrast, could only say that Bale had "pulled ahead" of Bardem and Mortensen as Howard's first choice for the project. Slightly less convincing and official than Deadline's report, and slightly more unlikely.

But the Post is also saying that "Dexter" star Jennifer Carpenter and French/Moroccan star Ghita Tazi are rising on the short list for the role of Susannah, which is news we haven't heard yet. The last rumor we heard for Susannah was that Naomi Harris was in the lead. Sounds like now that Universal is (seemingly) zeroing in on its Roland, the studio is reading to start casting the film's other major roles.

Do you prefer Bardem or Bale as the Gunslinger? What do you think of Carpenter or Tazi as Susannah?