Will Ferrell On 'The Office': Five Roles To Inspire His Trip To Dunder Mifflin

Will FerrellSan Diego's most delightful news team is getting back together, but instead of reporting on pregnant pandas while wearing butterfly collars, the guys will be slinging paper in good ol' Scranton, Pennsylvania. Yep, word broke yesterday that Will Ferrell and Steve Carell — co-stars of 2004's "Anchorman" — will be sharing the screen once again, this time on Carell's home turf, otherwise known as NBC's "Office."

Word is that Ferrell will be appearing for a four-episode arc as a branch manager at Dunder Mifflin whose inappropriateness is rivaled only by that of Carell's Michael Scott. Ferrell, of course, has mastered the art of awkward, uncomfortable, beyond-all-reason behavior. Here are five roles we're hoping the comedian draws on for his turn on "The Office."

Allen Gamble ("The Other Guys")

Ferrell played a cop opposite Mark Wahlberg in one of last year's highest-grossing comedies, and their odd-couple interactions gave the movie its soul. His performance was perfectly calibrated for "The Office": excruciating, hilarious, and leaving viewers with the thought, "Man, I'm glad I don't work with anyone like that!"

Ron Burgundy ("Anchorman")

Listen, Ron Burgundy is top dog. No one else but Burgundy can read the news. Similarly, we can imagine Ferrell's branch manager as a guy who believes he's the only one who knows how to sell paper. And don't forget about Burgundy's gal-getting prowess. Lord only knows how Michael Scott would react if Ferrell swabbed on some sex panther cologne and attempted to ask Kelly Kapoor out on a date.

Megamind ("Megamind")

Few folks in Hollywood can play an egomaniacal jerk like Ferrell. Megamind was not only egomaniacal — he was diabolical too. Oh, and funny as hell: sarcastic, brilliant, bizarre and, hidden somewhere inside, a big softie. Adding a little fish-out-of-water evil genius to his "Office" character would be a masterstroke for Ferrell.

Buddy ("Elf")

Sweet and clueless, Buddy was the role that made Ferrell into a star. Buddy saunters through life blissfully unaware of the damage he wreaks with every step. But you can't blame the guy, because his heart is always in the right place. Buddy's sugar-coated mojo would be amazing to watch within the monochromatic confines of a paper company.

Brennan Huff ("Step Brothers")

This aggressive man-child shares more than a little DNA with Michael Scott. If Ferrell went all Brennan on "The Office," you just know they'd clash over both work and coworkers. The results wouldn't be pretty. What they'd be, instead, is effing hysterical.