50 Cent Wants An Acting Career Like Sidney Poitier

FROM RAP FIX: Whether it’s a pipe dream or lofty aspiration, rapper, businessman and budding thespian 50 Cent wants to be viewed as a serious actor one day. Never one to set his sights low, the man born Curtis Jackson shared with MTV News last week at the Sundance Film Festival his Hollywood goals. When asked which actor's career he’d like to emulate, the G-Unit honcho’s choice was one of the most celebrated actors of all time.

"Well, Sidney Poitier. I’d like to, you know, be with the top, you know," a smiling 50 Cent said. "Shoot for the stars if you would do that."

Whether or not Fif has the chops to hang with the pioneering Oscar-winning actor from the Bahamas is up for debate, but there is an area where the "Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ " star may have some hope — comedy.

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