Paul Giamatti Reveals His 'Hangover 2' Role: 'I Play A Bad Guy'

Even though Ed Helms threw us for a loop when he informed us former president Bill Clinton won't be making a cameo appearance in "The Hangover 2," we did get at least one thing right: Paul Giamatti will.

The actor was in Park City, Utah to promote his film "Win Win" at Sundance, but when he talked to MTV News he let us know that his cameo in "The Hangover 2" was already in the can.

He filmed his scene in Bangkok a month or so ago, and seemed like he had a very fun time doing it. Fortunately he was also willing to shed some light on his previously unannounced role, especially when prodded by his "Win Win" co-star, Bobby Cannevale. His question: is Giamatti playing Mel Gibson's role, or Mel Gibson himself?

"I do, I play Mel Gibson," Giamatti teased, but then quickly retracted it. "No, I think Liam Neeson plays that."

Giamatti didn't have any secrets to spill about the other potential cameos on set, because he said he just filled the scene with the three leads: Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis.

"I just did it with the three guys, who were great," he said. As to any secrets, he teased, "They kind of swore me to secrecy. I play a bad guy in it."

Considering Ken Jeong is supposed to be coming back for part two, it sounds like there is more than one bad boy at work in the new flick. Maybe they are even in cahoots? The possibilities are endless.

Are you glad to hear Paul Giamatti will be playing a bad guy? Is "The Hangover 2" a movie you're looking forward to?

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