Sundance Hit 'Win Win': A 'Lovely Comedy' About An Amoral Guy, Paul Giamatti Says

It's hard to decide which we like better: Paul Giamatti the comedian or Paul Giamatti the dramatic actor. Today we'll side with the comedian, just because his newest film, "Win Win," has gone over so well at Sundance. The actor and his co-star Bobby Cannavale caught up with MTV at the film festival to talk about the comedy.

"It's a very lovely comedic film about a man who cuts a moral corner in his life and then all the reverberations that come from that, positive and negative," Giamatti said. "It does not comment on [the middle class] in any way, it just shows it in a very real way."

But Cannavale had a different take on the movie, and who the film's true star really is. "It's about a guy who's recently divorced," Cannavale said with a smile, referencing his own character. "He's a head-strong guy." Many people who saw the film might agree that the scene-stealing Cannavale was the real star of the film. Giamatti certainly does.

"He's the kind of guy you hope to god you have around you all the time. A good man in a foxhole," the recent Golden Globe-winner joked.

Cannavale said he didn't expect the reaction to his performance that it got based on a pre-Sundance screening several months ago.

"We saw it together about two months ago, a rough cut, Paul, Amy [Ryan] and I sitting together in an edit room and it was really, really fun, and then you see it in a room with a thousand people and you go, 'Oh wow, I didn't even know that that was funny,' " Cannavale said.

Do you prefer Giamatti as a comedian or a dramatic actor? Are you looking forward to seeing how Cannavale upstaged him?

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