James Franco Updates Status Of His Franco Family Film With Brother Dave

While James Franco might be the man out getting all the attention, his younger brother Dave has started to make a name for himself as well. The younger Franco (age 24 to James' 32) has starred in "Scrubs," "Charlie St. Cloud" and Noah Baumbach's latest, "Greenberg," in addition to the Funny or Die video series, "Acting with James Franco." And as Dave told us earlier this month, the brothers are also writing a script — in which they plan to star — that will have them playing versions of themselves and which will take place over the winter holidays in their hometown of Palo Alto, California.

So when MTV caught up with James at the Sundance Film Festival, we couldn't resist asking how close that project is to becoming a reality.

"If we do anything with that, that'll be down the road," Franco said.

But it wouldn't be the first time he incorporated his family into his projects.

The "127 Hours" star recorded a Christmas message with his grandmother and posted it on Funny or Die back in December. In it, he asked his grandmother what she thought of his gory film (she loved it) and inquired what she thought about people who were too scared to go see it ("I think they're a bunch of p---ies!"). Dave and two of the female Francos made an appearance in the short as well.

Okay, other than that and "Acting with James Franco," we don't really have any more examples of Franco working with his family, but it seems like the natural progression of his work. Ben Affleck similarly chose his younger brother, Casey, to star in his directorial debut "Gone Baby Gone," though Casey was a bit more of an established actor than Dave is at this point in time.

Would you like to see a film in which James Franco incorporated his family?