Oscar Host James Franco Won't 'Bash' Celebs Like Ricky Gervais Did At The Globes

It's pretty exciting for a young (busy) actor like James Franco to be asked to host the Oscars, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily going to look to his elders for advice. Well, at least not when his elder is Ricky Gervais. When MTV News caught up with Franco at the Sundance Film Festival, we asked if he was taking pointers from Gervais' controversial hosting gig at the Golden Globes.

"I haven't really read any of the reviews, but my sense is that he was not really winning in that room," Franco told us. "People were asking me, like, 'Are you going look at Ricky as a model for how you're going to host?' and I'm just not going to take too much from Ricky."

Franco went on to add that, even though the folks attending the Globes might not have been big fans of Gervais' hosting style, he knew plenty of people his own age who loved it.

"The flip side is, people I know outside of the movie industry, like at school and stuff, were like, 'Aww, Ricky was awesome!' So I guess people want to bash some celebrities I guess," Franco said. "I won't be the one to do the bashing, but maybe people will bash me."

While Franco won't be modeling his emcee style after Gervais, the 32-year-old did hit up a former Oscar host for some advice about the gig. Last night on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Franco asked the 2008 Oscar host for a tip or two, even though he "found out that you have kind of a different approach than I was planning."

Stewart definitely came through for him. "Let me tell you what they love," the comedian joked. "Go at it with the attitude that you're above it all, with an ironic detachment bordering on contempt. They will eat it up!"

Considering that was Gervais' style as well, it sounds like Franco might just have to cave and subdue his enthusiastic charm on the big stage. But since he's hosting with the lovely Anne Hathaway, who also tends to bubble with excitement and charisma, caving might be easier said than done.

Do you think Franco should follow Gervais and Stewart's examples, or just do his own thing?