Paul Rudd Talks About Showing Some Skin In 'My Idiot Brother'

Paul Rudd's latest, "My Idiot Brother," has been getting a decent amount of love at the Sundance Film Festival, but one of the more surprising parts of the film comes when Rudd has to perform a nude scene. As I wasn't lucky enough to get to see the film I'm not sure entirely what it entails (maybe we want to keep that suspense alive anyways), but apparently it got pretty graphic for at least one person on the set.

Though the film hasn't been rated, Rudd and director Jesse Peretz didn't want to go all out for the film's nudity, and so the camera shot the scene from the side. That meant only place the man holding the boom mic could be and not be in the shot was right in front of Rudd's genitalia, unfortunately.

"This guy was holding up the boom mic, and he has to look at me while I'm talking, and all he saw was just a shot of my hairy ta--t and just some balls hanging," Rudd said while laughing heartily. "Also, also, it was like our normal sound guy couldn't work that time, so it was this guy's one day on the shoot. He was like, coming in and filling in. and I look at him and I'm just like, 'Sorry man!' "

Peretz said the scene actually was in the script, and wasn't improvised on the spot like it seemed like it should have been. Rudd gave Peretz a hard time about it during the interview, teasing him that he was "so funny about trying to be all diplomatic and ask me about [posing nude].

"I do get nervous about making actors be naked," Peretz deadpanned, "but I kind of thought you would, I was pretty certain you would going for it."

He felt the scene wouldn't be too much, "as long as it's handled the right way." He added that he knew "it would be a stupid pose," and Rudd joked that was the only reason Peretz chose to include it in the film.

Did you expect Rudd to pose nude in a film? What do you think about his story about the boom mic guy?