Rachel Leigh Cook Says 'Vampire' Shows The Supernatural Creature's 'Ugly Reality'

A film titled "Vampire" brings about a certain connotation in American film culture nowadays, with juggernauts like "Twilight" and "True Blood" offering a very specific vision of the supernatural blood-drinking creatures. But Iwai Shunji's Sundance submission sets out to show how ugly being a "vampire" would be if it was actually a reality in today's world.

Whether or not it succeeds is up to the viewer (though from what reviews I've read, I've heard it has), but stars Adelaide Clemens and Rachel Leigh Cook sat down with MTV News to talk about the film's upfront title and the way vampires fit in to current pop culture.

"It was a working title to begin with when we first read the script so we had the option of maybe changing it but I think it's kind of great because it lures people in and kind of twists a bit," Clemens said.

Cook was actually "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer's No. 1 pick to play her character Alice Cullen if the novel was ever made into the film (she was so enamored with Cook that she outright said she pictured her as Alice while writing the book). Though she may or may not know she was once slotted to play a sparkly vampire who can see the future, Cook liked the grittiness of "Vampire"'s story.

"I think this really exposes the ugly reality of what it would really mean to be a vampire in this day and age," she said.

Clemens agreed, saying that she liked the fact that "Vampire"'s tone was so realistic when compared to the other vampires populating the current trend. "I think the vampire craze has kind of gone down a more fantastical path in cinema recently but Shunji's just so brilliant in that he really dissects what it actually means," Clemens said.

Does "Vampire" pique your interest, or do you prefer your vampires to be the supernatural kind?