Ed Helms Says 'Check Your Sources' Regarding Rumored Bill Clinton Cameo In 'Hangover 2'

Of all the cameos (that we know about) in "The Hangover 2," we at MTV were definitely most excited about former president Bill Clinton popping on to the Thailand set. So when we had a chance to catch up with star Ed Helms at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival (where he was promoting his new comedy "Cedar Rapids" with co-star Anne Hecht), we had to ask him how it was working with Clinton on the set.

"Check your sources," Helms chided us. "He came and visit us. I'd be surprised if there's a scene in the movie."

Though director Todd Phillips might have found a way to convince Clinton into a scene Helms doesn't know about it, we doubt he would have kept that sort of exciting news a secret from his cast. So we can at least cross him off the list of cameos in the film for now.

Helms was able to confirm the fact that Mike Tyson had returned to cameo in the second "Hangover" film, though, and that they filmed some scenes together.

"We had a good time," he said. "A little bit of a reunion of sorts."

And, though he broke our hearts with the news that our 42nd President wouldn't make himself infinitely cooler by gracing the screen of a Todd Phillips film, Helms wasn't going to leave without giving us another scoop. In more words, Helms said that the sequel would take place two years after "The Hangover" ended.

"We're kind of finding all these characters... it's neat because it's almost real time from the first movie to this one," Helms said vaguely.

Are you bummed Clinton won't be making an appearance in this film? Does it make sense to you that "The Hangover 2" is picking up two years after the first one?