James Franco Challenges MTV To Sing An Improvised Version Of The 'Three's Company' Theme

James Franco has quite a history of doing hilariously unexpected and inappropriate things while MTV cameras are rolling. Well now we have another video to be added to the annals of Franco's hilarity. You might have heard that he had a multimedia art project called "Three's Company: A Drama" that was set to be shown at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Well, boy does he ever. But to really get MTV into the "Three's Company" spirit, Franco challenged MTV's Josh Horowitz to sing the sitcom's theme song the James Franco way. Inappropriate times lie ahead.

The gauntlet was thrown when Franco challenged, "MTV is not hardcore enough to do my lyrics. MTV does not have the cahonies to do my lyrics." Finally he conceded to performing the song for MTV cameras, saying, "They can bleep it out."

Let's just say that it takes about two seconds for Franco to introduce male genitalia into the lyrics. "Come and knock on my door something much more sexually infused" never sounded so crass and hilarious.

What did you think of James Franco's version of the "Three's Company" theme song? Do you think Josh Horowitz did a good job improvising his own lyrics?