Liam Hemsworth Confirms He's Read 'The Hunger Games' Script: 'It's Super Dark'

By Aly Semigran

This weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, Liam Hemsworth delivered some news that could very well send "The Hunger Games" fanatics into a frenzy.

When we caught up with Hemsworth (who was in town via the folks at Oakley to snowboard with his older brother Chris "Thor" Hemsworth), he revealed he's not only read the script of the highly-anticipated film adaptation, but could soon be in talks to play Hunger Games contestant/Katniss' love interest Peeta.

Despite reading the script, Hemsworth revealed he hasn't yet met or auditioned for "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross. "I mean it's pretty early right now," he said of meeting with Ross, adding, "But, yeah, I'm sure I'll met [him] on it soon."

While the actor (who recently turned 21) didn't talk about the age gap between himself and the teenage Peeta, he did express interest in being part of the YA phenomenon. "It's definitely something different," Hemsworth said of the project.

The star continued to show a desire to be part of "The Hunger Games" as called the script "a really, really cool story" and said he was drawn the most to the "action...gritty kinda stuff like that."

Fans may or may not love the idea of Hemsworth taking on the coveted role of the beloved Peeta, but they will be happy to know that while it may earn a PG-13 rating, it hasn't been tamed too much for the big screen. Hemsworth confirmed the movie's script, "It's super dark. It's all young kids in these Hunger Games, which are crazy, insane things."