Don Cheadle And Brendan Gleeson Kick MTV In The Nuts At Sundance

Who says the Sundance Film Festival is all about posh parties, star-studded red-carpet premieres and the best and brightest in independent film? That's right, we do -- which is why we've been posting tons of exclusive Sundance clips and reporting back with plenty of news scoops (such as Elijah Wood talking about "The Hobbit"). But apparently, Sundance is also about getting kicked in the nuts by Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson.

That very thing happened to MTV's own Josh Horowitz, who was chatting with Cheadle and Gleeson about their Sundance drug-smuggling thriller "The Guard" when things took a turn for the painful. Perhaps Cheadle and Gleeson weren't too happy with Josh's questions, or maybe they just needed a little bit of exercise to keep warm in the cold Park City, Utah, temps. Whatever the case, the end result was the two stars delivering a simultaneous swift kick to Josh's groin region... and we captured it on film just for posterity's sake. Check out the photo below.

Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson kick Josh in the nuts

What would you do if Cheadle and Gleeson kicked you in the groin?