Sundance 2011: Sneak A Peek At A Sundance Gifting Suite

For the past four years that I’ve been attending Sundance, only one thing has been slightly less noticeable than the celebrity hordes…and that’s the swag suites that pop up around town to cater to those hordes. Some of my MTV colleagues have covered them in the past, but I’ve always been curious to see what goes on inside the heavily guarded rooms. So with that in mind, myself and my fellow producer Daniela dropped by a gifting suite run by a company called Talent Resources.

This is what we saw…

This particular suite was one large room with scores of companies situated in different areas, anxiously waiting (and hoping) for a real actual celebrity to drop by to get their picture taken with their products. In this case, there was a fully stocked bar with booze supplied by the likes of Yuengling and sample martinis.

Keeping the beat was a DJ booth supplying funk-ified Madonna jams, which probably helps Hollywood types feel like they’re back in fancy L.A. clubs that I couldn’t get into with a sledgehammer. Along our initial walk through the suite we were introduced to companies with names like Wonderland Bakery and Supergoop (which probably isn’t what you think it is…whatever that may be). One company I had heard of was Trident, who were launching a new gum that came with gum-scented candles. I’m chewing it right now and it’s surprisingly orangey. Thanks Hollywood!

One area of the suite had folks getting their hair done. Nothing says girl about town like getting a free blow-out in public.

Daniela’s favorite giveaway was something called Melt T Glow Lotion Candles made of 100% natural soy, organic shea butter, and organic coconut oil that are hand crafted and infused with tea from India. Interestingly enough, after you light a candle you can use the melted lotion as a moisturizer. The rep shared that Katy Perry is a frequent customer.

On our way out we turned around and wondered if some people live this way year-round, routinely getting free stuff for doing basically nothing. We need new boots though, so stay tuned for a couple other swag suites that we’ve got our eye on.